Rachael Dunlop

Finalist, Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition 2018

Excerpt from Game On

‘Grab hold of me,’ Stacey called over her shoulder, ‘before I fall out of this window. I can’t quite get my phone into the light.’

Carl looped an arm around his girlfriend’s skinny waist as she raised herself onto her tiptoes and extended her arm into the slim shaft of light that fell between the apartment buildings.

‘Got it. Pull me in,’ she said after a few minutes. Back in the room, she checked the display on her phone. ‘Twenty per cent charge. That’ll have to do. Did you have to rent an apartment with so little natural light, Carl?’

Carl shrugged. ‘I’m not a millionaire. Light costs. And maybe if you hadn’t used the last of your lithium playing that game...’

Stacey’s eyes narrowed. ‘I’m this close to getting three stars on every level. This close.’ She held up a finger and thumb, pinched so close together their heavily calloused pads nearly touched.

‘If we miss the notification for the flash-mob because you’ve got no charge on your phone...’

‘The irony is not lost on me, Carl.’ Her phone beeped. ‘Here we go.’ She scanned the incoming message, brows pulled low. ‘This is it, Carl, the big one. It’s on.’ 

About Rachael

Rachael Dunlop was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has a Masters degree in Art History from the University of Edinburgh and a doctorate from the University of Westminster. She has lived in London for the past 27 years, with a brief sojourn of three years in New York. It would be safe to say she is a city person.

 It was during the years as an ex-pat in New York that she first started to write fiction. She took several courses with the Gotham Writers’ Workshop and won her first competition in 2009, taking the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Championship. Since then she has had success in a number of notable short fiction competitions, including the Fish Publishing Flash Award, Rubery Book Award Short Story Competition, Frome Festival and both the Bath Short Story Award and the Bath Flash Award among others. She has had a number of stories published in print and online. Her first (unpublished) novel was longlisted for the Bath Novel Award in 2017. She is currently working on her second novel and discovering that having written one novel doesn’t make it any easier to write another. She can be found procrastinating on Twitter @RachaelDunlop.

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