Debbie Taggio

Commendation, Edinburgh International Flash Fiction Award 2018

Excerpt from Same Skin, Different Body

My life changed forever the day I lost my daughter.  Her diary lay on the bed - pages open - neat, looped handwriting inviting me into a secret world.  I closed the book, side-eyeing it as I flicked the duster around the room; motherly curiosity destroying an unspoken code.

She described hating her body, averting her eyes every time she showered, avoiding the mirror - an exercise in getting through life one day at at time, hoping for change one way or the other.


About debbie

Debbie is 50, she worked as a solicitor specialising in family law before retiring early to look after her two grandchildren and do a bit of writing.  She wrote her first novel when she was eleven entitled, Murder at Midnight, the manuscript lost during a house move, remains a great loss to the literary world (in Debbie’s humble opinion). She has been longlisted in The Casket of Fictional Delights flash fiction competition and won the public vote in Theatre Cloud’s comedy project competition.  She has had pieces published as part of National Flash Fiction Day, The Drabble online zine, a story accepted by Moonchild Magazine for forthcoming publication, and articles published in online magazine  You can find her at and on Twitter @HotFlushDiaries.